Pregnancy fitness, through dance, safe, fun and fit for two

  We see people walking around everywhere. some are too busy to even notice the world around them. We even ask people what they do for a living, but little do we understand that there is living and there is existing. many of us exist but few are living!!

starting over is never easy but very possible. ….let go of the old and take hold of he new…a day to day take on the transformation process…

how do I deal with diastasis recti and get a flat tummy after birth

How do i know if i have diastasis recti?

What is diastasis recti

I first experienced this in 2011. After being abused as a child, raped and all other manner of things i always believed i was evil and carried the devil within me. I also believed that The devil as my Vagina. I was ashamed of it, i hated it, and i blamed it for so much. I wore boyish clothes to cover that side of me so that ppl would not […]

I was in Meru this weekend and got back jana. In the morning I stood by the window and as i looked out at the amazing landscape i thanked God for another year. I thanked God for the day i was born and my purpose for being and thanked him for you beloved What i had not shared with anyone was how in the past few weeks i felt depressed […]

I wanted to wait till later to share this but… the only time is now. l have hared with yo how over time i have taken to giving thanks instead of asking or needing from my man an dhow well and wonderful that has been. Well over the weekend, it was my birthday and as many of my friend and family wished me happy birthday, he did not…in fact I […]

There have been days when I wonder why I had to go through all the pain and suffering I did. I knew that nothing I had done could result in what I had been handed so I knew and held on to the belief that is must have been for a greater purpose. People often compliment me on how strong and brave I am, what they do not realize is […]